DVF offers personalized QuickBooks training


QuickBooks Training and Support in Murfreesboro TN – Our QuickBooks training and services include personal one-on-one training as well as comprehensive instruction on QuickBooks accounting functions.


Training covers areas such as journal maintenance, charting of accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, inventory, and financial reporting for your finances and business.


QuickBooks Training in Murfreesboro

QuickBooks ProAdvisors who understand best practices


At Dempsey Vantrease & Follis, our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors® have successfully completed a comprehensive curriculum developed to teach best practices in QuickBooks setup, payroll, reporting and other day-to-day QuickBooks functions.


In addition, our team also provides full financial software training.


Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors® offer basic set up to advanced training depending upon the needs of your business.


According to QuickBooks, “ProAdvisors help businesses customize QuickBooks for their unique needs and help them get the most out of the software. ProAdvisors are also a great resource if you run into trouble with QuickBooks.”

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Interested in QuickBooks training and services?

If you are a new business or an established business who is looking for assistance with your bookkeeping, contact DVF to schedule a meeting and discuss first steps.

How QuickBooks Training works

At Dempsey Vantrease & Follis, we provide training that allows you to customize QuickBooks to your specific needs.


That’s why we offer a QuickBooks training and set-up package for just $300. This package includes four hours of assistance that can be scheduled at your convenience.


A ProAdvisor will work with you to set-up QuickBooks that is tailored to your business needs to get you off to a successful start.


With the personalized DVF four-hour training, you actually walk away with a product that is installed specifically for your business unlike online training.


Our ProAdvisors can show you how to write checks, make deposits, reconcile checking accounts, set up items (payroll, sales, invoicing), generate and customize invoices, customize your chart of accounts, and other features to keep you on the right track. If needed, they can also show you how to process payroll and pay liabilities.


For more information, contact us and a member of our QuickBooks team will respond accordingly.

Why you should use Quickbooks

Managing sales, daily transactions and expenses can seem like a simple task for many small to medium businesses, but at the end of the day, it can take time away from what you do best.


As a business owner, focusing on your job should be the priority and items such as bookkeeping can be improved with the help of an accounting professional.


With that in mind, QuickBooks has a myriad of solutions to help you focus on your business in more ways than simply invoicing clients.


Many of the tasks it can help with include:

  • Managing sales and income
  • Invoice creation
  • Viewing Accounts Receivable/Aging Reports
  • Recording Bills and Expenses
  • Creating reports


Keeping your financial picture in frame and accurate is key, no matter the type of business.