Watch out for errors when claiming Earned Income Tax Credit

What are the most common errors that could cause a delay in my Earned Income Tax Credit refund?

Trey VantreaseThere are several common errors to watch out for when claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit.  The first is claiming a child who doesn’t meet all the qualifying child tests.  The most common error related to this is claiming a child not related in one of the listed relationships, or that the child didn’t live with person on the tax return.  Another common error is Social Security number or last name mismatches.  You should check the Social Security card of everyone on your return to make sure the name and number matches the way the Social Security Administration lists them.  Another common error is filing as single or head of household when married.  If unsure about your filing status, you can use the IRS website,, to check.

Trey Vantrease