Three ways a bookkeeper can help your business grow

A bookkeeper will help small businesses with many functions

To help your business grow, you need the right people in place doing what they do best. Having a bookkeeper, or company that can assist with bookkeeping is one of the best tools you can have in your toolbox.

Bookkeepers can help small businesses with accounting software like QuickBooks, taxes and tax preparation, payroll and more. Just a few things a bookkeeper can help with are compiling and reviewing financial statements, ledger preparation, budgeting, and sales and miscellaneous business filings.

Keeping good books are the basis of any business.

Tax preparation

While bookkeepers and accountants can do some of the same things, they are not the same. The professionals can actually work together to help your business grow.

The difference between the two is that accounting continues past where bookkeeping ends. Bookkeepers track business expenses, income and transactions as well as reconcile financial accounts and the books. Accountants can take the information and interpret it.

Another way they can work together is tax preparation. The bookkeeper can gather all your financial information and make sure your accountant has everything needed.


By using a bookkeeper to record your business finances, you can have access to the information needed to make decisions about the future.

The things you need to grow your business — equipment, employees, etc. — all cost money. A solid bookkeeping service can help you decide if those expenditures are feasible.

A bookkeeper can also track your sales, payments, and receipts to help you run your business more effectively. They can also track expenses and recommend where you may be spending too much money.

Accounting Software

Accounting software can help you keep track of your budget and stay on top of your business’s finances.

You may have QuickBooks but do you know how to get the most out of it?

A professional bookkeeper should keep up with all the latest changes and developments in accounting software to keep you in the black.