Where to find tax planning help

Local tax professional, IRS are two good places to look for tax planning help

Tax Day seems like it’s a long way away, but like Christmas, it will be here before you know it. That means it’s always the right time to ask for help in tax planning to get ready for next year’s filing. Here are some easy ways to find the answers to all your burning tax questions.

Your favorite Murfreesboro tax professional

More than half of taxpayers use a professional to prepare their taxes every year. If you’re going through a major life change, like marriage, divorce or a new job, it’s the perfect time to call your tax guy for advice. With changes under the new tax plan, there may be situations which affect your business or personal tax situation. Don’t wait until April 14 and start planning today. 

The IRS Website

Taxpayers can find all sorts of helpful information on IRS.gov. Click on “Help” at the top of the home page to access several online tools. You can also get answers to your tax questions with the Interactive Tax Assistant and the IRS Tax Map.

The IRS Multimedia Center

If you’re bored, you can watch dozens of YouTube videos on a variety of tax topics. They can view them in English, Spanish or even American Sign Language. You can also listen to IRS podcasts. All are available in English and Spanish.

Social media

Taxpayers on Twitter can get tax-related announcements and tips from @IRSnews. @IRStaxpros tweets news and guidance for tax professionals. Tweets from @IRSenEspanol have news and information in Spanish. The Taxpayer Advocate Service sends tweets from @YourVoiceAtIRS.

You can also follow the IRS on Facebook at facebook.com/IRS/, on Tumbler at internalrevenueservice.tumblr.com or Youtube at youtube.com/user/irsvideos.