Criteria for claiming a child on taxes


I provide support to my adult child. What areMike Hallum the criteria for claiming a child on taxes?

Many people ask the question regarding claiming a child on a tax return. If you provide support to your child then the short answer is “Yes” you can claim a child on your tax return but there are certain criteria and requirements that follow.

At DVF, we’ve compiled a few starting points.




  • Be unmarried and a U.S. citizen, resident alien or national or a resident of Canada or Mexico. They must be the taxpayer’s child or stepchild.
  • Be (a) younger than the taxpayer and either under age 19 or a full-time student under age 24 or (b) any age if totally and permanently disabled.
  • Live with the taxpayer more than half the year.
  • Not provide more than half of his or her own support.
  • Not file a joint return.
  • Not be a qualifying child of another taxpayer.
  • Generally, a child can qualify as a dependent relative if their gross income is less than $4,050 and the taxpayer provides over half of their support.

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