Bookkeeping is vital to success and productivity of a business

Practicing proper bookkeeping is essential for businesses of all sizes


Managing the day-to-day operations of a business can be daunting task. Whether you are a startup company with few employees or a mid to major business with numerous employees and business transactions, proper bookkeeping is essential.

Small business owners can sometimes get swayed by the hustle and active pace of doing every task on their own. And at times, bookkeeping may be the task that gets put aside until a more convenient time.

For mid-size and larger companies, the complexities of different transactions and the reliance on an outside firm can make sense in the long run.

To help streamline the bookkeeping process, our Murfreesboro bookkeeping firm has outlined a few processes.

One of the first steps is to utilize solid bookkeeping software. At DVF, our team is comprised of Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors® who have successfully completed a comprehensive curriculum developed to teach best practices in QuickBooks setup, payroll, reporting, and other functions. The progression of bookkeeping software through the years has been outstanding and there are several ways to record transactions, send invoices and track billing.

Consistency is key no matter your business category or stage of your business life cycle. Forming daily habits of recording and inputting data into your software will save your business time and money.

After you have put these tactics into practice, the next step is to gather information and develop insights. A few questions or items you may consider may be – Where you can you improve? Where does your business stand what does the future look like? By looking at questions such as this, you will not only improve your bookkeeping process, but you will also gain much information about your business and its practices.

At DVF, we to tailor our services to best meet the needs of a client in a cost effective manner. For small companies that do not have a bookkeeper on staff, we will often prepare their periodic general ledger and financial statements among many other services. For companies who have an in-house team, we can provide professional support by offering on site assistance in reconciling accounts among many other areas.