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Business Consulting

Oftentimes businesses and individuals are faced with opportunities or situations that are outside of traditional public accounting services. In order to meet those needs, DVF has long been recognized as a firm that is forward thinking and creative in the area of business consulting. We can help identify alternatives and assist in the implementation of a course of action to achieve the client’s goals and objectives. We have assisted our clients in a myriad of specialized areas including:

  • Forecasting and projections
  • Preparation of and consultation regarding business plans
  • Industry specific consultation
  • Succession planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Budgeting
  • Customized coordination of communications involving other professionals including attorneys, brokers, bankers, and insurance agents
  • Various business agreements including:
    • Employment agreements
    • Buy-sell agreements
    • Consulting agreements
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Organization documents (LLC, Partnership, Corporation)
    • Asset purchase agreements
    • Stock purchase agreements


Sale or Purchase of a Business

Most small businesses lack an exit strategy. DVF has the expertise necessary to develop a strategy that will provide assistance when selling a business. Our staff has participated in the purchase and sale of businesses in many areas including, but not limited to: healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and various service industries. We can assist in the structure and negotiation of the transaction as well as the evaluation of the tax consequences of various alternatives. DVF can provide industry specific consultation tailored to individual or business needs.

Likewise, we can assist clients attempting to purchase a business or merge with an existing business. As with the sale of a business, DVF can assist in the structure and negotiation of the transaction as well as the evaluation of the tax consequences of various alternatives. After the purchase, we can assist in the transition and on-going operations of the business acquired.


Contract and Business Negotiations

Many business transactions involve the negotiation and execution of contracts. The DVF consulting staff has many years of experience in reviewing documents and providing assistance with contract negotiations. While we do not practice law, our experience is beneficial in structuring transactions to maximize business intent, economic, and tax benefits.

Our typical services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive due diligence to assure our client that the business intent is properly reflected in the contract
  • Conduct negotiations as lead negotiator, or in a supporting role
  • Structure of the transaction to maximize economic benefit
  • Structure of the transaction to maximize tax benefits including consulting, non competition, and other similar agreements
  • Provide subsequent services that are necessary after the closing of the transaction

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